The 401K Concierge Retirement Plan Solution

The 401k Concierge has developed a comprehensive six step solution to your retirement plan design and implementation.

Step One: Retirement Plan Evaluator

  • Evaluate current plan design, expenses and adherence to policies and procedures
  • Evaluate current enrollment and contribution levels
  • Evaluate plan expenses
  • Evaluate investment performance
  • Benchmark plan against industry standards

Step Two: Retirement Plan Optimizer

  • Research and develop comparability studies of current plan vs. market options to ensure best overall plan
  • Systematic search process that examines all the industry has to offer based upon your plan’s needs.
  • Manage RFP process to ensure that you receive information on products that fit your specific requirements. 

Step Three: Fiduciary Shield

  • Drafting of Investment Policy Statement
  • Review Fiduciary checklist to ensure compliance with ERISA regulations
  • Review 404C Fiduciary checklist to ensure compliance with 404C regulations

Step Four: Due Diligence

  • Independent, unbiased investment selection
  • Annual plan review of administration, fees, investment performance and testing requirements
  • Review plan  vs. objectives
  • Independent quarterly fund performance monitoring using Morningstar

Step Five: Education/Enrollment

  • Personalized enrollment and communication programs
  • Customized group and individual educational meetings with participants and executives
  • Access to Waterstone’s Exclusive “Financial Wellness Programs”
  • Dedicated contact point to provide ongoing service to plan sponsor and participants

Step Six: Monitor/Update

  • Systematic Reviews of plan based on clients needs (Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annually)
  • Updates on industry regulations and trends

Retirement Plan Components


Results vs. Peer Group

Low expenses

Broad mix of asset classes

Quality Recordkeeping




Reasonable Fees

out of pocket

hidden expenses

Financial Education


Increased participation

Retention of employees

fiduciary shield